My Hip Hop Lyrics.

Trying isn’t good enough
You get drunk and your morning’s rough
Spitting venom into cardboard cups
Bile flowing from your heart to the cuff
And as you look all around for where you parked your car
You could’ve sworn you parked that Lexus closer to the bar
Your girl’s calling but your pocket’s too far
It’s too bad you’re not the Lewis to her Clarke
It’s easy not to look a man in the eye
When he’s got his girl running out for Canada Dry
And when she asks you to take out your garbage you cry
“Baby, why you gotta make everything into a fight?”
I’m sorry that she went for you, I really am
But is it so hard for you to try and be a man?
Out of context, I wonder what the hell was your plan?
Doubt you could tell me if I asked, you’d shell up like a clam
Now, if you could read my mind, I wish you would
You’d see that everything you’ve done is the opposite of good
You’re looking for a medal, when you’re really getting wood
Stop shopping for a better model, stick with where you always stood
The only thing you should be looking to fix
Is the way you go out every night looking for kicks
Drowning routine in the bottom of your favorite mix
But Mr. Daniels can’t transport you back to age 26

This was supposed to have a more old school feel to it. Maybe a little Will Smith? I don’t know. I was listening to Mos Def when I wrote it. So…


2 responses to “My Hip Hop Lyrics.

  1. Your girl’s calling but your pocket’s too far

    good line. among many good lines.

    and you come off looking swell here, in that old school kind of way

  2. haha thanks! appreciate the feedback! i’m probably going to record it soon over some garageband loopssss.

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