Food for Thought…

Yesterday, I went to the Student Center. I was extremely hungry, and I debated for some time on what to get to eat. I decided to go to Wrap-Up and get myself a Chicken Caesar wrap. I stood in line for what seemed like an hour, and stepped up when it was my turn. I ordered my wrap from this pleasant woman, who smiled as she butchered the wrap, several times having to shift the ingredients from one broken shell to a new one. I smiled politely back at her, trying my best to hide my irritation. The procedure took about ten minutes. I’m used to having slow service, but this took me a particularly long time. I’m not one to complain, but when I got back to my table I couldn’t help but mention this to my friends who were sitting with me. My one friend, who can often be quite insensitive, immediately said, “And I thought that women were supposed to be good at making sandwiches.” Obviously, his statement is terribly sexist, but it is, however, a somewhat common stereotype.
Today, I wanted a wrap again. When I don’t know what to get, the Chicken Caesar wrap is an old stand-by. So, I went in the Wrap Up line, it took forever, and when I got there a young man took my order. I waited only thirty seconds, and I was handed my box. I was utterly amazed. This went against every stereotype in the book. I reached my table, expecting something to be wrong with the wrap. It was perfect. I said as much to my friends and that same guy said, “Wow, man, who would’ve thought? A man makes sandwiches better than a woman.”
Now, this isn’t a big deal to me. I am not someone who believes that any one person would be better at certain things unless they work really hard. But I thought it was very interesting that my friend reacted the way that he did. This observation is amusing, but it’s such a weird thing. I did realize that this attitude, though presented in a joking fashion, still presents a threat to the perception of women in American culture. It is a very ignorant standpoint occupied by those who feel that women are directly related with cooking. Both men and women have contributed to the creation of modern cooking, and it is silly to think that it is a woman’s job.


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